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REVrant 67.1 - Osteen's Recommend Shopping at Victoria's Secret


The link above shows Joel and Victoria Osteen during a guest appearance on Piers Morgan’s new show on CNN.  The video linked will get you to the page.  This one is about "not apologizing for being rich."  The NEXT video - look below in th list on that page - is about Joel's recommendation that men and boyfriends shop at Victoria's Secret.  In it, the Osteens heartily recommend shopping at Victoria’s Secret.  Piers Morgan asked about it because Joel recommended this in a sermon to his whole congregation some years ago.  It appears that Joel was trying to get the women in his church to spice things up, and he said many of the men in the church thanked him afterwards.

I’m not a prude, and I am fully aware that romantic love in a marriage is honorable and undefiled.  But I found both the Osteen’s responses cringe-worthy, and sadly, far too typical of this pastoral couple.  Victoria (Osteen) actually said she wished Joel would say more things like this!  Rather than blushing about it, she was cheering him on.  Shopping or not shopping at Victoria’s Secret is not the real issue.  The real issue is that these two seem willing to do or say anything to get them a gig on CNN. 

They actually seemed to enjoy this silly conversation.  What this has to do with the Gospel, being salt and light in a decaying and dark world, and shepherding God’s people in these troubling days is way beyond me. 

Imagine what an encouragement it might have been to hear them confront the tawdry and salacious advertising the VS stores do in their windows, on billboards, and on TV with that cockamamie “fashion show” that airs from time to time.  

What women wear in private with their husbands should be a private matter.  The idea that a pastor needs to advise on this publicly, feels the need to encourage boyfriends to buy things like this for their girlfriends, and then goes on the record with it again on CNN is deeply disturbing.  This appearance (and there were more subjects covered) did nothing but confirm all of my concerns and misgivings about the Osteens.  Additionally, this was embarrassing to the pastoral profession.                

BREAKING NEWS - the video I referenced has been removed from CNN's website.  Good.

BREAKING NEWS #2 - the video was "moved" not "removed."  I stand corrected.