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REVved - Steve Saint, Inventor of a Flying Car (The Maverick), at FBC This Weekend

Our annual missions emphasis at FBC this winter is iMissions: The idea is simple – use technology to “win as many as possible.” (I Corinthians 9:19–23)  We started last weekend. 

THIS weekend, we are honored to host Steve Saint, the founder of “i-tec.”  i-tec is the INDIGENOUS PEOPLE’S TECHNOLOGY & EDUCATION CENTER.  Most people probably recognize Steve’s name for his connection to the movie, End of the Spear, and the powerful story of Steve’s dad, Nate. Nate Saint was one of five missionaries martyred in Ecuador in 1956 while trying to reach the Waodani people. 

Steve and his family returned to the Waodani tribe in 1994 and lived among them, teaching and training them to become self-sufficient.  Among his more incredible accomplishments is the invention of a flying car, called “The Maverick.”  (Featured on CNN and several other news outlets.)

You can read more about i-tec here – ITEC - Indigenous People's Technology and Education Center.

If you’re around this weekend, join us at one of the services: Sat. PM 6:00, Sunday AM – 8:45 and 10:45.  Steve is also speaking at a Friday night event, but registration is closed due to high demand.

We are blessed to have Steve with us for this weekend and are looking forward to seeing how God will use his passion for technology during our second iMissions weekend.  Bottom line - we want to use whatever technology we can to “win as many as possible.”

REVrant 68.1 - Egyptians Ferociously Fight For Freedom

In violent scenes of Biblical proportion, modern Egyptian factions are throwing stones at each other, beating each other with sticks, and attacking from camels and horseback.  They are also lobbing Molotov cocktails at one another.  The pro-Mubarak and anti-Mubarak camps are facing off in a public square as the whole world watches.  And this senseless melee is playing out like a barbaric free-for-all.

 Egyptian camel protestors

With millions around the globe, I’m praying for peace and calm to settle over this region.  The political transition that seems inevitable does not have to cost any more lives nor inflict any more injury.  I may be wrong, but I suspect that the majority of the rioters on both sides are Muslim.  If so, it seems odd that they would not be able to find common ground in their mutual allegiance to Muhammad and the Islamic religion.

That said, earlier today I thought of the Biblical text that describes Ishmael’s offspring.  Genesis 16:12 – “He will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone’s hand will be against him. and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers.”  One can only hope (and pray) that these “brothers” will come to their senses and realize that they are only hurting themselves. 

We are living in turbulent days.  The Egyptian crisis is one more example of the volatility that threatens to erupt on a daily basis around the globe.  Free speech, democracy, and liberation from dictatorship are worthy goals.  The human heart aches to be free.  If only people in Egypt, and everywhere, would turn to Jesus Christ – He is the only one who can bring the freedom we all desire so deeply.  John 8:32 – “Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”