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Six years ago, I discontinued my blog, after six years of trying to keep up with regular blogging.  One thing I know about blogging is that if it's not fresh, it's not read.  Life circumstances and church responsibilities were making it nearly impossible to keep up.  Additionally, I felt that keeping up with a blog was one pressure I didn't need in my life.  So, I stopped.  

During the six years of blogging (2005-2011), I received incredible support.  Regular readers provided regular encouragement and interaction.  I enjoyed the process.

I know the world has changed.  It's now a Twitter and Facebook world.  140 Twitter characters seems to be all people have time to read.  If a Facebook post goes much beyond that, it is skipped over.  Social media is fast-moving and noisy.  Yet something stirs in me whenever I recall my years of blogging.  I wrote with others in mind, to be sure.  But I also wrote for me.  It was a creative outlet.  It gave me time to process my own thoughts.  It slowed me down.  It made me more thoughtful and still.  I miss it.

So, with some hesitation, I'm going to dive in again.  After 32 years of ministry in Colorado, I'm no longer in the pastoral position at my former church.  It's not retirement, it's realignment.  I'm waiting for God to show me what's next.  And right now, since I have the time, I'm going to try to resurrect the discipline of writing in my life.  I'll see how it goes, and welcome any of my former or new readers to come along on the journey.  


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Linda Rycenga

I'm excited to go on this journey with you! I believe that using our creative outlets is so good for the soul!

Don Osman

Looking forward to reading your blogs that I know undoubtedly will be filled with nuggets of truth and godly wisdom.

Melissa VDH

Speaking of social media...I looked for the "like" button after reading your blog 😀

Ken Hoel

Would be very interested in your blog! Appreciate your candidness and honesty!

Beth Vanderhulst

So very glad to have you back! Preaching through blogging in a way, I'm excited to read your insights again. Welcome back!

Susan Ebbs

Look forward to it Pastor Bill!

Denie Dalton

I love a good journey! I'm in! 😉


So glad MileHighRev is back!!! ❤️

Cindy Galbaugh

Looking forward to your thoughts.

Steve Sherman

Sounds great. Look forward to your wisdom and insight. I know I will be a regular reader !

Lacey Hardwick

You'll have a faithful reader in me. I can't wait to see how God uses you and this blog.

Donna Gardner

So looking forward to seeing more word from you PB. You are such an inspiration for me. Your word keeps me grounded and thirsty for more of God's word. I'm excited to see what God has in store you. Looking forward to the day you're at the pulpit again. 💗 Donna Gardner

Susan Nye

I'm excited to read what you have to share!! Praise you Lord for bringing Pastor Bill back to this while He waits on You. I'm eagerly awaiting the wisdom God has given you.

Jeff Mains

I look forward to reading your blogs. I know God will bless me through your words. God is good all the time

John and Diane Mikitson

We're here! We will be here ongoing. We love you both.

Penny Reynolds

Count me in. I love hearing what God has to say through your words.

Hiedi Liesch

I'm so happy. I moved to Wyoming in January and missed your messages. Can't wait to read your blogs.

Jaime McKissen

I'm in!

Debby Barnard

Can I hear an Amen? 😊


PB you were my first Pastor, I learned to love Gods words through you, I look forward to it! I know God will continue to use you in mighty ways.

Christy Williamsen

Welcome back dear dear friend!!

Karen Mill

Awesome Pastor Bill. I didn't realize you had a blog system in place in 2005-11. I am happy that you are starting it up again. I will surely read it. Don't forget to put some of your humor in it like you did your sermons. We will patiently wait upon the Lord's blessings for you as you also wait upon His direction for your ministry.
Love to you and Jan.

Karen and Bob Mill

Randy & Lisa

We are all in Pastor Bill. It will be a priviledge and a blessing to go on a spiritual and virtual road trip with you. As always, we look forward to your gifted insights and transparent honest commentary on the world, and of course your humor and wit.

God bless and heal,
The Diederich family


Welcome back!

bethe feltman

I can't wait to read your blog Pastor Bill.

I have often
wondered how your faith walk has intertwined with the events of your and Jan's lives since you last spoke from the pulpit at FBC.

I know your thoughts and words will be a great encouragement to those who have had challenging journeys along our faith walks

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